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March 8, 2024 Sea Trial

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Martha Needs Your Support

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A major milestone for Martha Lewis today - March 8, 2024.  Martha last moved under her own power in November 2013.


Finally, TODAY, she pulled away from the dock, under power, for her sea trial on the Choptank River. She performed beautifully under the command of Captain Rusty Geis and his crew, board members Dennis Taylor, Tom Carroll, and Karl Fockler.


Congrats gentlemen. After a few final tweaks and adjustments, she will be ready to head up the bay to Havre de Grace.

Captain Rusty Is Looking for $$$ 


Tom Carroll,  Carpenter Dan & Capt. Geis Discuss Handling

Tom Carroll at the Helm


Dennis Taylor, Restoration Supervisor & Manager for the Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy, monitors and evaluates the engines RPMs, temperature, oil pressure  during Martha’s inaugural sea trial, in preparation for her return to Harford and Cecil counties and the Upper Bay.

Capt. Geis Sounds the Conc

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