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Sponsorship Opportunities... to get Martha sailing again!

We have a number projects to complete in order to get Martha sailing again. We need to build a new mast,  fabricate new standing rigging, add the running rigging, order new sails, rebuild the electrical system, and get her ready for the Coast Guard Certificate of Inspection (COI) process.  

Your support will help us get these projects accomplished.  Please consider helping to sponsor one or more of them so that we can get Martha back on the water with passengers this year.

Select your sponsorship category, then from the drop down menu select your level, then click "Buy Now"

You do NOT need a PayPal account to contribute. You can use a credit card. PayPal is very secure.

Help fabricate the standing rigging:
 (Total cost: $5,000)
Help rebuild the running rigging:
(Total cost: $10,000)
Help repair/make new sails:

(Total Cost: $20,000)
Help rebuild the electrical system:

 (Total Cost: $6,000)
Help get Martha ready for Coast Guard COI:

 (Total Cost: $8,000)
Help final ancillary items:

 (Total Cost: $5,000)
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