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What we are doing with Martha...

Skipjack Martha Lewis is currently in dry dock at the Richardson Maritime Museum's  Ruark Boatworks in Cambridge, MD.  She was towed there from Havre de Grace in January 2019 to continue the final stages of her full restoration.

At Ruark, Martha has undergone significant structural repairs and is now awaiting the completion of her aft cabin, fuel tank and electrical system overhauls, and the replacement of a section of starboard side planking. Her main decks are being refinished, new standing rigging is being fabricated, the yawl (pushboat) utility umbilical is being rebuilt, new sails will be ordered, and running rigging will be completely replaced. 

Funding from a number of grants has been secured and additional private funds are being raised to complete the project. We anticipate that all work will be completed by early Spring 2021,  after which sea trials and U. S. Coast Guard certification inspections will be conducted.  


Learn all about the Skipjack Martha Lewis and her fascinating history

See what we've been doing to restore Martha to her original grace and beauty.

There are many ways you can participate and contribute to Martha's revival. Consider joining us in our mission

We are always in need of additional funding to complete Martha's full restoration.  The more resources we have, the more we can do to keep her going

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